Elect Erica Shiner

Elect Erica Shiner for TDSB Trustee | Ward 5

A Message to Parents

The TDSB is struggling, and so are our children. Schools are being sold for short-term gain, repairs are underfunded by $3.5 billion, and more needs to be done to ensure the success of our youth by meeting students’ basic needs. With cracks like these, it’s no wonder that our students continue to fall through them. We can, and we must, do better.

Our son Micah has just begun his journey through our public school system. At home, my husband Sacha and I work hard to provide a nurturing environment so that Micah can thrive. Our children deserve the best from our school system as well.

Little Erica Shiner, with her grandmother, the Late Esther Shiner
Young Erica Shiner, with her grandmother, the late Esther Shiner

My grandmother, the late Esther Shiner, showed me the value of public service with her strong leadership and dedication to her constituents. Her legacy continues to inspire me as I seek your support to be the new TDSB Trustee for York Centre.

As your trustee for York Centre, I will stand up for our children, work to support teachers at our schools, and fight against school closings. I believe strongly in a secular public school system open to all.  Join me in creating a better future for all of our kids. No child should be left behind.