Meet Erica

meetericaAs a parent, an educator, and a community activist, I understand all sides of what matters at the TDSB. With a background in communications as well as working as an educator for special needs children, I’m passionate about improving our public school system for every child. I attended public school, and my son Micah has just begun his experience in the same public school system that I thrived in. But the system has changed since my time there in the ’80s and ’90s. We have a 3.5 billion dollar backlog in school repairs; conditions are increasingly uncomfortable and unsafe for our kids. We have full-day kindergarten now, but classes are overflowing and small children’s basic needs aren’t being met. As the city grows, schools are being sold for short-term gain. Things need to change.

As a community activist, I’ve worked successfully with City Councillors and the Mayor when championing major initiatives that I’ve felt strongly about. I have a deep understanding of how to navigate our government in order to get things done and will apply that know-how to work for the people of York-Centre. Throughout my life, I have always spoken up for what’s right, no matter what the cost. This is something I learned from my grandmother, the late Esther Shiner, Deputy Mayor of North York. Through my work in communications, activism, education, and as a parent, what I love most in any role is being a strong voice and speaking up for others. As your trustee for York-Centre, you can always count on me to amplify the voice of the community. Being a trustee means being of service to your constituents. I’m not beholden to any political party or group – as your trustee I will be speaking on behalf of the parents, grandparents, tax payers, and children of York-Centre. If elected, you can always trust in me to advocate for you with tenacity and passion, until our goals are achieved.